The Life of the Cabbages


As we all know,Many people usually plant vegetables and fruits in the soil.But this is so traditional. It’s also not convenient for people lived in city. I am also a business women in city.If i want to cooked by myself.I need to buy to go to the market.Sometime,the vegetables are not fresh.So I have bought a hydroponic planting system.I want to plant cabbage by myself.I think that i will feel accomplished to growing cabbages by myself.

November 28th, Saturday.

I plant 10pots cabbage in our hydroponics planting system at my office desk.It so nice.It will built a fresh environment in our office.I have bought some cabbage seed.First step.Installing the hydroponic planter,Put 10pcs pots and seeds and water and Nutrient solution.


December 7th Monday

After few days.When i come to office.I have seen the cabbage sprouted.I am so delighted.So i add new nutrient solution(A+B)again.It makes the cabbages grow fast.


December 14th Monday

Wow,The cabbages grow more and more faster.So i need to add nutrient solution(A+B) every week.Need to adjust the height of the light according to the height of the cabbage growth.We need to take care of them, just like taking care of our children.


December 31st Thursday

After a month,The cabbage ripe already.It saves time more than planting in the soil.I have prepared to pick the cabbage by myself.I can cook a hot pot with my colleague.You will feel very happy when you do something successfully.


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