Hydroponics does not rot the roots


  Under soil culture conditions, flooding will reduce soil aeration, reduce rhizosphere oxygen content, and soil redox potential. The soil redox potential is too low, the decomposition of soil organic matter slows down, and the nutrient supply capacity will decrease. The anaerobic decomposition produces a large amount of organic acids and inhibits root respiration. The long-term low redox potential of the soil will also increase the availability of Fe and Mn and cause root toxicity. The accumulation of hydrogen sulfide and butyric acid will also inhibit root growth. Long-term growth of the root system is inhibited, and long-term poisoning by poisons will cause cell necrosis and apoptosis, showing dark brown root rotten symptoms, commonly known as flooding and rotten. Under hydroponic conditions, the composition of the nutrient solution is usually simple, without too much complex soil organic matter, only the necessary large, medium and trace mineral nutrients. And hydroponics need to change the water!  In hydroponics, the water is usually changed every three to five days, otherwise the water will smell bad, and algae and other microorganisms will grow. Therefore, under normal hydroponic conditions, it is not enough to accumulate a large amount of harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide. Water has a certain amount of oxygen dissolved, and the oxygen required by plant roots can be supplied by changing the water. In addition, the composition of the soil parent material is not single, and different parent materials vary greatly. However, flooding will increase the availability of Fe and Mn in the secondary clay minerals in the soil and even increase the toxicity. The culture medium under hydroponic conditions It does not contain toxic substances such as cadmium, arsenic, and aluminum, and the content of cool elements such as Fe, Mn, Cu, and Zn is also controlled at an appropriate level, far from causing excessive or poisoning due to environmental changes. Summary: Under hydroponic conditions, the oxygen consumed by the root system is replenished by changing the water, and there is usually no hypoxia. The composition of the hydroponic system is simple, the content of mineral elements is accurately controlled, there is no ion toxicity, and there is no large accumulation of hydrogen sulfide, organic acids and other substances, so hydroponics does not rot the roots.
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